auto enrolment

A good quality, well run, bespoke pension scheme is by far the easiest way to put the first tick in that employee benefits box. Why not make sure what’s offered isn’t just what was hastily implemented when you were told you had to auto enrol employees.

auto enrolment

At Moneyweb, we can ensure your company pension scheme is tailored to both employer and employee needs and requirements. With retirement living standards increasing every year, it is vital that employees are planning for their later years at the earliest opportunity.

Blah Ltd approached us to review their current workplace scheme which was run by a well-known insurance company. Our advice recommended the transfer of the scheme to a mutual pension provider, which reduced the ongoing management charges for the members, offered them all free access to mental health specialists and offered a wider choice of investment options.

The business was fully supported by the in-house implementation team who took care of all the ‘heavy lifting’ in terms of payroll integration.

benefits to the employer:

benefits to the employee:

Moneyweb can assist your employees in ensuring that they are on track to meet their long-term financial goals, as well as providing them with advice on how to aim to achieve these if they are not on course to do so.