group private medical insurance

Providing employees prompt access to treatment when they need it, helping an employee return to work earlier after illness.

group private medical insurance

Group Private Medical Insurance is paid for by the business as a tax-deductible expense, to cover some or all of the costs of private medical treatment, where the employee will receive medical treatment for acute conditions.

This works alongside the NHS and is tailored to suit everyone’s needs. It improves health in the workplace, reduces absenteeism and shows a real commitment to employees. This highly valued benefit helps you to protect your most valued asset, your employees, to boost productivity and cover their physical and mental wellbeing.

789 Ltd offers Group Private Medical Insurance that they have tailored to their six employees. This costs the business £1,654.55 a year.

It will provide them with faster access to treatment, expert advice, specialists and hospitals, which could help reduce waiting times, 
meaning less time off work.

benefits to the employer:

benefits to the employees:

As an independent provider of Group Private Medical Insurance, we negotiate discounted rates on your behalf and have access to all the top health care providers in the UK.