how we are paid

The ethos of Moneyweb has always been to ensure that everybody has access to affordable financial advice, regardless of their financial situation or personal circumstances.

the cost of our service

There are potentially two types of initial costs with any advice that we provide. Firstly, the cost of our advice and secondly, the cost to implement the advice.

1. advice fee

This will vary depending on the complexity and type of advice being offered. This will of course be discussed and agreed with you prior to commencing any chargeable work on your behalf. Our report fees start at £495.

2. implementation of advice

The cost to implement our advice will be dependent on the amount of investable assets available as detailed in the following table:

Investable Assets

Percentage Fee

£0 to £99,999


£100,000 to £349,999


£350,000 to £499,999


£500,000 to £999,999


£1M +

Bespoke terms

3. ongoing costs

The ongoing costs that apply to our Evolution proposition are charged at a percentage of the value of assets under advice as detailed in the table below:

Investable Assets

Percentage Fee

£0 to £349,999


£350,000 to £499,999


£500,000 to £999,999


£1M +

Bespoke terms

The charges are calculated once a year at your agreed Annual Assessment date and are based on the value of your investable assets at that time.

loyalty implementation fees for existing clients (initial only)

We are striving to develop lifetime client relationships and so if an existing Evolution client wishes to invest further monies with us after a 12-month period of being a client, we offer a loyalty rate for the additional invested monies. This is at a rate reduction of 50% off our normal rate structure; a thank you to our existing clients for their continued loyalty.

Moneyweb are happy to undertake supplementary projects of work outside of the services included in our Evolution Client Service Proposition.

light touch digital proposition service

This proposition is for those who do not need access to our holistic financial advice but still gives you access to leading investment portfolio strategies, with a substantially reduced fee structure.

It will enable you to invest and consolidate your investments and pensions across to the Moneyweb Platform, which is managed by our technology partners True Potential and takes your investment decision into your own hands.

Having this proposition will not only give you access to their highly diversified portfolios, but you will also benefit from market-leading technology. The technology includes access to the Client Portal and Mobile App where you can track your investments and pensions daily and top up in seconds, using the impulseSave function.

The cost for this proposition is:

Initial Cost

Ongoing Cost



Your Annual Assessment is delivered digitally ensuring that the whole light touch process from start to finish is driven by technology.

supplementary services

Pension Vesting (Annuity)

The objective of this review is to establish if it would be financially beneficial to stay with your existing provider or to transfer to an alternative provider to secure a better annuity rate. The minimum fee for this service is £750.

Trust Review Service

Whether you’re managing your own money or acting as a trustee for someone else, we can provide a review and evaluation of the trust’s assets and objectives on a regular or ad hoc basis. We will complete a detailed Trust Fact Find before undertaking an analysis of the existing portfolio relating this to the trustee’s risk tolerance, as well as detailing any changes we feel appropriate. The minimum fee for this service is £1,500 per trust.

Pension Fund Extraction Advice

We can provide a report with recommendations on how to extract cash from your pension plan in the most tax-efficient way. The report will detail the advantages and disadvantages for your consideration. We will not implement this type of work on an execution only basis nor will we implement if it would lead to you suffering financial penalties or creating a large tax liability. The minimum cost for this service is £1,500.

Personal Disaster Planning

We can help identify any areas in which you may be exposed to risk should you die, or suffer an illness or accident that could impact you and your family/loved ones. After identifying, we will explain your options and detail possible solutions that may be appropriate. The minimum fee for this service is £495.

Bank & Savings Review

After establishing information on your existing accounts, we can provide you with an evaluation of the interest rates you are receiving as well as information on current Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) limits applicable. The minimum fee for this service is £295.


Moneyweb Limited is currently a VAT exempt company, and therefore there is no VAT chargeable on either the initial or ongoing fees and charges detailed in this brochure. If this should change in the future then we will notify you in writing.

State Pensions Forecast

We will arrange for you to receive a State Pension forecast which gives detailed information on your State Pension age and entitlement based upon your National Insurance Contributions Record. This service is provided free of charge.