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Moneyweb renews sponsorship with Scarborough Athletic Football Club

Moneyweb renew sponsorship deal with Scarborough Athletic

We’re renewing our Sponsorship with SAFC. 

Exciting news for football enthusiasts and fans of Scarborough Athletic Football Club. We are thrilled to announce that we are renewing our sponsorship for the upcoming 2023/2024 football season. As proud supporters of local sports and communities, we’re delighted to continue our partnership with SAFC.

For this season, we’re maintaining our role as the official sponsor of the Youtube match highlights, for this we have had a new highlights video created that you can watch below. Additionally, we’re renewing our ground board and program advert sponsorships, solidifying our commitment to the club and its dedicated supporters.

As SAFC embarks on another exciting season, we’re especially proud to be associated with a fan-owned football club that has made Scarborough proud with its achievements in recent years. The remarkable journey that SAFC has undertaken reflects the true spirit of dedication and community support. 

Thomas Marshall, Finacial Adviser at Moneyweb, expressed his enthusiasm about the continued partnership: 

“Since my first game in 2004 at age 7, I’ve been a dedicated Scarborough fan, fueled by my dad’s introduction and hometown pride. Now, nearly two decades later, I proudly sponsor the club in my professional role at a local firm, amplifying their triumphs on and off the field.

Joining Moneyweb in 2019, we initiated sponsorships with the club in 2020, spanning YouTube highlights, season passes, ground boards, programs, and match sponsorship. Our partnership has thrived for 3 years, and we eagerly explore future avenues to support the club’s growth through fresh sponsorship and marketing prospects.”

Here’s to a successful and thrilling season ahead – Go SAFC! 🙌⚽

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