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Our Approach

At Moneyweb, we make sure we take the time to understand your needs, goals and preferences before we make any recommendations. We often meet clients at their place of work or their homes, but we also welcome visits to our offices.

The Financial Planning Process

We have set out a six-step model for financial planning. It may help you to understand how this works to see the disciplined approach that Moneyweb take to providing our services.

The six key steps are for the adviser to:

1.Establish and define the relationship between the client and the adviser
2.Gather the data about the client and agree their goals and expectations
3. Analyse and evaluate the client’s financial position
4. Develop and present the financial plan to the client
5. Implement the recommendations
6. Monitor and review the plan and the relationship with the client.

That is the whole process, but in some cases, one or more steps might be omitted. In particular, you might simply want a one-off consultation where we do not carry out any monitoring of your position in the future. You are then free to return for further work with us when it seems to be required or perhaps after an agreed interval of months of years.

Why use Moneyweb?

Best advice
We are not tied to any high-street bank or building society and can therefore offer truly independent advice.

Simplifying the process
We do business in a way and at a time that suits you – in other words, we remove all the hassle for you.

Easy to understand
We listen to your requirements and then use our experience to find you the best solutions. We break down the key facts to allow you to make the decision that’s right for you.

You will have one dedicated adviser, and our aim is for this to become the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

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